Berbagi Semerbak Bunga Ilmu

Dialogue (Senge)

Senge draws dialogue is establishing actual communication in groups requires that members define each other as colleagues, not enemies, and that each person dares to be vulnerable and to admit to ignorance, otherwise no learning can take place. Dialogue important to starts The discipline of team learning. Dialogue is a way of helping people to “see the representative and participatory nature of thought to become more sensitive to and make it safe to acknowledge the incoherence in our thought.” In dialogue people become observers of their own thinking. In team learning, discussion is the necessary counterpart of dialogue. In a discussion, different views are presented and defended, and as explained earlier this may provide a useful analysis of the whole situation. In dialogue, different views are presented as a means toward discovering a new view. In a discussion, decisions are made. In a dialogue, complex issues are explored. When a team must reach agreement and decisions must be taken, some discussion is needed. Thanks a lot Prof..


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